Full-Time Academy - Each student’s Academy program begins with an evaluation of grips and game style, on-court movement, strength, flexibility, nutrition, overall athleticism, and mental posture. Following evaluation and assessment, the Team (the player, parents, and coaches) discuss an individualized program. Short and long-term goals are established to gear each student’s development towards perceivable accomplishments.                                                               

Tournament competition is a major component of each student-athlete’s development. Therefore, each athlete and assigned coach will strategically piece together a tournament schedule for the semester and year.

1) The Full-Time Academy Program provides the player with the following:

- Accommodation - The Residence building offers bedrooms in both single and double rooms, fully-equipped with bathroom, heating, telephone, satellite TV connection and wireless internet connection.

- Food – we provide complete catering services trying to establish a welcoming and comfortable environment for the players.

Our Chef prepares a variety of foods that offer a range of nutrients and adequate calories to help you reach your competition goals.


- Dayly practice

- Physical Conditioning – Strength, Nutritional Counseling, Massage Therapy

- Mental Coaching / Growing Champions/ Targeting Goals

- National and International Competitions

- Video Analysis


Pamira Tennis Academy takes its responsibility for student's safety and security very seriously. For the safety of all guests the Sports Residence, Pamira Hotel and campus are equipped with video cameras and security alarms and are patrolled by our security personnel.


2) Weekly and Holiday Programs are also available;

For more information and equiries please contact our programs coordinator:

          Marius Vecerdea – 0040 743-641575 or Email us at